четверг, 19 сентября 2013 г.

Oh my blog!

This is my first message and I am very nervous  ~_~
I try to make a beautifull design... but it is really hard work, because my computure  is very slow! It pisses me off!
I think that in a few days I will make a perfect blog, but now it will be like that.

And now i want to tell you some facts about me :з
My native language is russian, but I think a lot and decided to start blogging in english (with a lot of grammar mistakes lol)
Last year I studied chinese language at university,but now anything that I remember is 你好(hello) 
Chinese language is very hard to study and if you want to meet with your friends, go on dates (like me) it is not for you, because you must study it every day. For me it was very hard and now I study english.
I crazy about Japan. My big dream is to travel to this country.
I like japan fashion, this people know how to look great! 
My hobby is cosplay. I can't believe that I have been doing it for about three years.A lot of people told me that my hobby is very cool. But not in Russia or Belarus. In next  post I will talk about that.
In my free time I like to watch the new series, meet with friends or play a computer game. By the way, now I'm playing Mass Effect 2. And, to be honest, the first part was much  better!

My biggest problem is that I don't like the ends. And now I do not know how best to finish.
In general, I hope that my  desire to blogging in English will not disappear and I'll be here often appear.
Bye bye~  

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